Emergency Battery Kits are compulsory in many official buildings, so that in the unlikely event of a power failure people can find their way around safely. Safety lights and escape route lights provide enough light to shut machinery down, use the escape routes, and give quick access to fire extinguishers and other safety equipment. They prevent panic and save lives.

Tridonic offers a broad range of emergency lighting LED Drivers for battery-powered emergency lighting systems. This solution perfectly matches the requirements of various country-specific standards.

LED Emergency Battery Kits

LEDs battery kits are becoming more important as light sources in emergency lighting systems and in a whole series of general illumination applications. Tridonic’s expertise and powers of innovation in developing state of the art solutions.

EM converterLED product family

A switch to LED technology brings with it the need for suitable emergency lighting systems for luminaires. The EM converterLED product family Tridonic has focused on the following:

A lean and transparent product range for maximum flexibility

All the EM converterLED devices provide maximum light output within the required emergency mode period (1 or 3 hours).

Furthermore, in LED emergency lighting mode all the energy stored in the battery is used by the EM converterLED modules to produce emergency light. Power regulation allows optimum flexibility for operating a large number of combinations of LED Drivers and LED light modules.

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