Fluorescent Emergency Battery Kits (EM Basic) Product Description:

Emergency lighting supply unit for manual testing
For linear and compact fluorescent lamps Small dimensions (28 x 39 mm cross-section)
5-year guarantee

Properties of Fluorescent Emergency Battery Kits (EM Basic)

1 or 3 h rated duration
Compatible with all electronic ballasts (dimmable and non-dimmable)
Can also be used in combination with conventional magnetic ballasts
5-pole technology: 4-pole lamp changeover and delayed power switching for the ballast
Optimized AC output voltage for TC-DD and TC-L lamps
Optimized DC output voltage for T8 lamps
Cathode heating adapted for compact lamps
Switchover relay with high-current contacts
IDC (insulation displacement connection)
Green charge status display LED
Checking the emergency lighting function by interrupting the unswitched phase
Optional test switch
Deep discharge protection
Battery connection, short-circuit protected (not reversible)
Polarity reversal protection for battery

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