Tridonic basicDIM Wireless Modules, Drivers and User interface with the Casambi Ready basicDIM Wireless control technology allows versatile and professional interaction with all luminaires within an area – fully intuitive and with no additional wiring required.

The benefits for the luminaire manufacturer (Production) at a glance

  • Simple configuration
  • Define luminaire properties
  • Allocate luminaire properties wirelessly

The benefits for the commissioning engineer (Installation) at a glance

  • Commission, programme and control luminaires intuitively via the 4remote BT App
  • Locate and assign luminaires wirelessly with ease
  • Adapt the system quickly

The benefits for the building operator at a glance

  • Simple updates
  • Reduce power consumption
  • Ensure multi-functional use for rooms
  • Individual wireless light adjustments

The benefits for the user at a glance

  • Individual operation for luminaires
  • Simple graphic luminaire selection
  • Intuitively adjust the light shade and intensity

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