HVAC Valves & Actuators from Siemens are offered in a comprehensive range of HVAC systems and products for every area of use and for every technical application. Complete HVAC building technology from a single source with components that are optimally matched so you profit not only from a reduction in installation and operating cost, but from a high level of security against failure.

Ideal for a variety of application: Fan coil units, chilled ceilings, VAV’s, Zone control, air handling units, district cooling

Product Highlights of HVAC Valves & Actuators

Siemens PICV (Pressure Independent Control Valve):

1- Maximum Volumetric flow presetting

Consistent, wide volumetric flow range for flexible planning
Presetting to prevent oversupply to the heat exchanger
High control accuracy thanks to full stroke rangewith any preset value
Easy adjustment of maximum volumetric flow atany time when usage patterns change
Mounting and presetting without special tools

2- Integrated Differential Pressure Controller:

Automatic shielding against pressure fluctuations in the network for a constant volumetric flow
Wide differential pressure range for flexible planning
Prevention of mutual hydronic interaction betweenconsumers in different operational situations
Deployment of inexpensive pumps thanks to extremelylow Δp min
Automatic hydronic balancing for fast commissioning

3- Pressure Measuring Points:

Straightforward testing and setting of minimum or optimum differential pressure during commissioning with the aid of pressure measuring points
Simplified testing of the plant in operation thanks to easily accessible pressure measuring points

4- Actuators for PICV’s

Actuators for every control requirement
Straightforward planning due to broadactuator range
Efficient plant control and quick troubleshootingthanks to additional functions

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