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SAX61P03 Electromotoric actuator

Fast positioning time. Manual control, position can be fixed. Plug-in space for auxiliary switch and/or function module.

Additional info

SA…81P.., SA…61P… are UL listed.

Positioning force                                                    500 N
Stroke 20 mm
Power consumption 8 VA
Positioning time                                                      30 s
Positioning signal DC 0…10 V, DC 4…20 mA, 0…1000 Ohm
Degree of protection IP54
Ambient temperature, operation   5…55 °C
Medium temperature                                               1…120 °C
Mounting position                                                   Upright to horizontal
Operating voltage                                                           AC 24 V, DC 24 V
Position feedback                                                   DC 0…10 V
Spring return function                                                                             No