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Electromotoric actuator SSA31..SSA81..SSA61

  • SSA31 operating voltage AC230V (3 position control signal)
  • SSA81 operating voltage AC 24V (3 position control signal)
  • SSA61 operating voltage AC / DC 24V (DC 0-10V control signal)
  • SSA61EP .. equal percentage valve characteristics
  • Nominal force 100N
  • Automatic identification valve stroke
  • Direct mounting with coupling nut, no tools required
  • Basic types complete with plug-in connecting cable, length 1.5m
  • Optional cabel types
  • 5m and 4.5m
  • Halogen free cables
  • Manual override and position indication
  • Parallel connection of multiple actuators possible
  • Auxiliary switch integrated in SSA31.1 and SSA81.1 actuators
  • Optional tamper-proofing fitting to prevent dismantling

• For radiator valves, VDN..,VEN..,VUN..,CombivalvesVPP46..,VPI46..and MiniCombiValves, VPD.., VPE..
• For small lvalves,VD1..CLC
• For radiator valves with M30 x 1.5 threaded fitting, nominal closing dimension
11.6 mm and a 2.5 mm nominal stroke (without adapter). Also for use with third-party valves in conjunction with AV-type adapter