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SSA61 Electromotoric actuator, 100 N, 2.5/5 mm, AC/DC 24 V, 1.5 m, DC 0…10 V

  • For radiator valves, small valves and Combi valvesElectromotoric actuators for modulating or 3-position control of heating systems, chilled ceilings and terminal units. With automatic stroke adaption, force-dependent switching off in the end position, position indication, manual control and plug-in type connecting cable. Suited for use with Siemens radiator valves VDN…/VEN… /VUN…/VPD…/VPE…, Siemens small valves VD1..CLC and on radiator valves with M30 x 1.5 connection (Heimeier, Cazzaniga, Oventrop M30x1,5, Honeywell-Braukmann, MNG, Junkers, Beulco new). Further valves of other manufacture on request.
    Suited for Siemens Combi valves VPP46…/VPI46… with 2.5- and 5-mm stroke.

    Additional info

    For fitting to the valve: Cap nut M30 x 1.5
    SSA61…: 1.5 mm minimal stroke required for self-calibration

Operating voltage LED
Positioning signal SELF
Positioning force 230 V AC ± 10% / 50 – 60HZ
Cable length 245lm
Power consumption IP65
Positioning time II
Degree of protection housing – PC/ABS ,cover: PC transparent
Ambient temperature, operation RAL 9003
Medium temperature           Maintained
Mounting position 3h
Auxiliary switch                                    2W
Color                                  Auxiliary switch