TM Technologie TM CB-A QCD Approved Central Battery System:

Power Supply of Emergency & Exit Lighting Luminaires and Light Fittings
Monitoring of Circuits, Luminaires, and Grounding Status
Modular Design for Easy Expansion
Touch Navigation, easy to use interface
Maintenance Free System with the right configuration
Building Visualization using the ELVIS system

Versions Available of Central Battery System:

Basic : Only the current of the individual circuits is monitored. The system informs the user about the damage occurrence, giving the circuit number on which the failed occurred (defected ballast, inoperative lamp..).

Extended : Each luminaire has a built-in addressable module that monitors the current. The system can inform the user exactly which the status of the luminaire, and easy flexible configuration of the operation mode.

System Parameters:

No. of fittings/circuit: 20

No. of circuits: up to 24

Max no. of substations: 63

Emergency lighting: up-to 30,720