A dynamic range of Emergency and Exit Lights and Systems. These solutions are provided by TM Technologie Qatar, which is approved and certified by the Qatar Civil Defence (QCD), and ASHGHAL approved Emergency & Exit Lighting

Emergency Lighting is comprised of:

Escape Lighting: Part of the emergency lighting that ensures a safe escape from the high-risk task areas, or that ensures the possibility to attempt to finish the high-risk process in advance.

Standby Lighting:

Part of Emergency Lighting provided to enable normal activities to continue substantially uncharged.

Escape Route Lighting:

Part of Emergency Lighting provided to ensure that the routes can be effectively identified and safely used by people leaving their location

Open Are Lighting (Anti-Panic Lighting): 

Part of Emergency Lighting provided to avoid panic and to provide illumination allowing people to reach a place where an escape route can be identified.

High-Risk Task Area Lighting:

Part of Emergency Lighting that provides illumination for the safety of people involved in a potentially dangerous process of the situation and to enable proper shutdown procedures for the operator and other occupants of the premises.

Safe Signs (Exit Signs):

Emergency & Exit Lights obtained by a combination of color and geometric shape, which by the addition of a graphic symbol, communicates a particular safety message.

Operating Mode:

-NM Mode (Non-Maintained) Emergency & Exit Lights – a single function luminaire – it lights up only when the primary power supply fails.

-M Mode (Maintained) Emergency & Exit Lights – a dual function luminaire – it operates both during power failure and during normal operation. Such a solution works well in illuminated evacuation signs or as night lighting in galleries.

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